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Internet TV Has Made Me a Better Parent.


Hard to believe, but saying goodbye to my cable company and hello to internet based content has helped me become a better parent. Let’s face it, gone are the days when there are only one or two places in the house for children to watch tv. Which means, gone are the days when having televisions only in public areas of the house made it easy for a parent to supervise what their little ones are watching.

I know what you are thinking. Watching shows on smartphones or tv internet boxes like androidtvaustralia make it impossible to supervise or control what your kiddos are watching.  Not necessarily, I have discovered that the technology that comes with smart phones and internet boxes makes it very easy to monitor and limit the content that your child watches. Well, easy in a sense that you can do it without much effort, but that does not guarantee that your child will not go down without kicking and screaming.

Okay, this is what I do. First, I make it clear that I bought their phone and andrioidtvaustrialia box as well as pay for whatever subscriptions my children have come to love and adore. As such, I have the master passwords necessary to limit or cut off entirely, their access to internet content. As parents, we all have our reasons for doing this. However, with the available technology, we now have the ability to do it easily.

Controlling what my kids watch is not the only part about saying goodbye to my cable company that has made me a better parent. I have learned so much about my kids by looking at their viewing history. I routinely investigate what they are watching. It is like looking into their heart and mind. I have started many beautiful conversations with my children by using this information.

Maybe you are a parent that believes in cutting off all tv in the house. However, if you are like me, consider firing your cable company and go to internet based content for your family. Not only will they enjoy their viewing experience better, but you will have the tools necessary to parent what they watch.