What Do You Get When Using Episode Choose Your Story Cheats?

Episode Choose Your Story is an exciting game that so many people are talking about. The game is action-packed, and outs you in total control of the scenario and the action. There isn’t a more exciting game out there, and there is little wonder why this one is so popular. There are even Episode Choose Your Story Cheats that you can use to make the game more exciting than it is now. Many players re using the cheat codes, and it is certainly worth your considerations, too. But, why is it a good idea to use the cheats? What do you really get?

Episode Choose Your Story Cheats


When playing Episode Choose Your Story, you will need as many gems as possible. The gems are used in the store and help you buy many things that you need during the game. You can earn gems as you play, but it takes a good amount of time to get enough gems to matter. And, you can also purchase them, but this is very expensive. If you use the cheats, however, you can get them without worry because there is no money to spend and no playing the game to earn them. Up to 25,000 free gems are yours to use each day.


Free plays are another benefit that you get when using the cheats for the Episode Choose Your Story. Like the gems, you can get up to 25,000 plays each day when you use the cheats. There’s no strings attached, and no restrictions on the number of days you can come or the number of plays you can receive. It is simply free plays available for the taking, so go ahead and go get what is waiting for you to claim.